Our Mission

The why’s.

The failure of the past 50 years of our Nation’s “War On Poverty”, led us to develop OurWarOnPoverty’s business system platform.  As like minded business people we wish to see a world where young minds have the skills to follow their dreams.  Our passion is to help an untold number of people build and grow their own business.


The method’s.

Our service can help you to find and retain customers so that you’re able to follow your dreams.  Using our software tools, and  gaining the guidance found within of our educational aids your success is more than possible. Our aim is to provide everyone with training, marketing tools and technical assistance to become successfully business owners.


The ease of it all.


OurWarOnPoverty’s main platform incorporates automation software and marketing services enabling any member to achieve measurable results.  The platform integrates automated email marketing, landing pages, social media exchange management, press outreach, and robust analytics in a simple but comprehensive cloud-based system that helps our customers surpass the competition and grow their business.


Overcoming problems.


We want to help anyone who is at or below the poverty level.  We provide several free educational products along with our main service.  That service will enhance anyone’s income who is living in the United States.  However, certain classes of people cannot fully participate in our services due to government restrictions and laws that preclude them from gaining income above what any state or federal agency provides them as support. 


We need your help..


Yes you read correctly, we are going to help you, we need your help! To be successful in business one must serve their public.  We have designed our business, and its portal to serve anyone who is unhappy with their way of life. If you need more income and you are willing to turn to the internet to achieve your goal, you have come to the right place. If you have fully explored our site including our About Us page and Our Mission statement, you should realize that our primary purpose of developing this business is to help our users develop themselves into independent entrepreneur who can make a living working on the internet.Let me point out that I the author of what you are reading have for the past 54 years derived my entire income from Real Estate. And my partner Ms. Todorova is a trained Programming, working in several languages. After developing her programming business to the point where she satisfied her financial needs, she branched out set herself up as an internet marketing operator. That business enhanced her income to the point where she like myself has become a millionaire.


Now to the How and Why, of needing your help …


Our main purpose in developing our business and the site was to provide services to anyone who wants, and needs a way of increasing their income. We are unlike other people who claim to have the greatest products and businesses on earth which can make you a millionaire over night.  Be reasonable creating a profitable business takes time and in most cases some investment. Our portal contains over 500 digital products that are aimed at training people to develop themselves into internet marketers.  We have products that are of value to other internet marketers who are presently involved in their own internet marketing operation, (those are the people who are our main buying public who you will be submitting your ads to).  We intent to serve hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people Nationwide, then after all the bugs are out of our system we will turn the service over to worldwide access.  All with the help of Google.com.

In order to fully achieve our goals we need to be responsive to the needs and desires of our public.  Thus we have setup an email contact address below.  We want to hear from anyone who feels they have found a great service, or product and want us to add it to our ever growing list of products.  We hope you will take advantage of our need to know.  Thank you and have a great day, and let us help make lots of profit for you.

Contact us at: ourwaronpoverty@gmail.com


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