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When did you first start working on computers?

A year ago or less

Five years ago

Ten years ago or more

Explain what your activity involved: I.e.., Email, Search for information?

Email list building

Affiliate Marketing

Creating or outsourcing products

When did you decide to start to make money on line?

A year ago or less

Five years ago

Ten years ago or more

What traffic products did you use to promote your products?



Seo products

What product did you promote to make money?

My own products

Affiliate products

Label rights products

When did you first make money?

A year ago or less with ammount closer to $100

Five years ago with ammount less than $1000

Ten years ago or more with ammount less than $10000

How much are you making now?

Less than $100

Less than $1000

Less than $10000

Would you like to volunteer your knowledge to help thousand of novices to the online marketing profession, so they start off right, thus save them lots of wasted time and energy?




Do you have any experience as an affiliate?



Which affiliate programs do you or have you promoted?




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